My Story

When our son Calvin died suddenly in a car wreck in May, 2001, that loss shook up my life and took me to the very depths of who I was and what I believed.  At the bottom, in the pit of deepest loss and despair, I found the same Lord Who had always been there for me.  He had not changed since I had committed my life to Jesus Christ as a seven-year-old girl.

When you go through something like that, there is nothing that people can say or do to make it any better.  Nothing can change your circumstances, but God can help change your life perspective.  Only God can heal a broken heart.

There will always be a hole in my heart for our son Calvin.  There is a place there that was uniquely his and that did not change when he died.  Sometimes after he died, it felt like my heart was literally, physically breaking in two.  God mended the torn edges of that ragged hole and sewed it back together again.  The hole is still there, but it is no longer raw and bleeding, and He has filled it with His comfort, grace and love.

For those going through life’s darkest valleys, it is incredibly difficult to think and focus.  The devotionals on this website are intended as a spot of encouragement and hope for a dark and dismal time in your life.  Some of the verses are the ones that I carried with me every day in the months and years after Calvin’s death as God mended my heart hour by hour and day by day.   Others are verses that God has shown me along this journey the past twelve plus years.

The vignettes are writings from a dear friend that paint a picture of life inside the mind and heart of someone who suffers daily from physical and emotional pain.  The responses and prayers are what I believe God is calling us to do as we walk life’s journey with those who hurt so deeply.

It is my prayer that God will encourage you with these writings, devotional thoughts and Bible verses, and that you will allow His Word and His Holy Spirit to heal your heart and bring hope back into your life.  He truly is Sufficient to meet every need in your life if you will just allow Him access.  Bring him your burdens and cares.  He longs to help you and hold you in His arms.  When you cannot walk another step and feel that you can’t even take another breath, He will be there to carry you through.  May God bless you as only He can.

Charlotte Miller