In you, O Lord, I have taken refuge; let me never be ashamed; in Your righteousness deliver me. Incline Your ear to me, rescue me quickly; be to me a rock of strength, a stronghold to save me. For you are my rock and my fortress; for Your name’s sake, You will lead me and guide me. Psalm 31:1-3

Do you ever wish you could just run and hide? You can! Right into the waiting arms of Jesus, our Refuge. He waits to deliver you from evil, from temptation, from daily making the wrong decisions. He is the Solid Rock we can cling to in times of trouble. He is our Fortress…a Strong Tower…the One Who is strong enough to stand alone against the storms of life. When you think of a refuge…it is a place of safety and security in the midst of our frightening world, in the middle of situations where we feel we just cannot go on any more. He is our Safety Net. We will never be embarrassed or ashamed by trusting God because He will never let us down. Since we are surrounded by imperfect human beings who let us down every day, it is hard for us to comprehend the unchanging certainty that our Lord provides but as we trust Him in very challenging situations, we see more and more how trustworthy He is. It is our choice to take refuge in God and to not trust in other people, money, possessions, careers, or even righteous activities and ministries. God is the only one deserving of our confidence and trust. God never moves but He waits patiently for us to turn to Him for help. Are you taking refuge in the Eternal Refuge today? He stands waiting to comfort and protect you. Run into His waiting arms and let Him be your strength.


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