And the Lord is the One Who goes ahead of you; He will be with you. He will not fail you or forsake you. Do not fear or be dismayed. Deuteronomy 31:8

Do you ever feel like you just cannot go on? Like you don’t even have the strength to breathe or even exist any more? Do you know what it feels like when your body is literally torn up inside by grief and despair? Do you ever want to scream at everyone around you that you just want to give up and not even try to survive anymore? Do you feel like a spectator in life…just watching everyone around you as if you are in a movie theatre and you feel like you are just an observer, not really a part of the scene of life?

This verse is talking about that type of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual exhaustion. The words are expressing, in essence, a shutdown of body and spirit. This is a place in life where you don’t even have the energy to shout “I give up!” This is talking about when the only way that you can even let those around you know that you are fully spent is a quiet moan or a heartfelt sigh that just expresses the total lack of energy to continue to fight the battles of life.

It is at these lowest points, when we cannot even hold our heads up, that God the Father becomes the “Lifter of your head” as expressed in Psalm 3:3. Your Abba Father puts his finger under your chin and lifts your eyes up so that you can realize that He is there and He is ready and waiting to rescue you from the darkness of deepest despair. When you have no strength to go on, God Himself will strengthen your heart. He is your “portion”…just the right amount of spiritual nourishment that you need to be replenished.

Let him strengthen and renew you today. He is waiting with open arms to lift you up and help you carry on. He has the strength you need. Ask Him for help today.


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