For my God shall supply all your needs through His riches in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:19

This verse is amazingly full of God’s mercy and grace. “My God”…He is a personal God. He wants to belong to each one of us, and to know us intimately and personally. “Shall”…this is not a question, this is a statement that God will do it! It is an emphatic statement. “Supply”…one of God’s names in Hebrew is Jehovah Jireh “My Provider.” “All”…not some, not a few, not only when you are desperate, but ALL…that is an incredible promise! “Your needs”…not your wants, but your needs. Only God Himself truly knows what you need and He promises to supply every single one of your needs. That includes physical, emotional, and financial as well as spiritual needs. “Through His riches in Christ Jesus”…Jesus is the source once again of all that we need. Why do we ever try to do it ourselves or seek another source? Ask God for what you need today. If you don’t know what you need, ask Him that too. He knows all about you. He created you. Let Him meet your needs today.


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