All the days ordained for me were writen in Your book before one of them came to be. Psalm 139:16b

For the first few months after Calvin died, I used to think that I wanted to know that he would not live beyond 17 years and 8 days. As time passed, I realized that, had I known he was going to die young, I would have dreaded his death every day of his life. That would have taken away all of the joy and the good times we had.

What a strong indication of the sovereignty of God is contained in this verse! God knows even before every single person on this planet is born what day each one will die. We think that we know how everything in our lives should go. We have expectations about how long we should live and our future and the future of our children and our parents. We want to either have the “normal” or better than the normal. We certainly don’t want less than what we expect!

When things do not go the way we think they should, then we ask God “Why?” Why did they die? Why didn’t He intervene? Why do we have to go on without them? Why us? Why not someone else…someone who doesn’t love their family or someone who is not following the Lord? As I sought God with the “Whys” He comforted me with the knowledge that He knew from the day Calvin was born that he would only live for 17 years. In His sovereignty, He knows everything that will happen. God is Never surprised! That comforted me more than anything else. God knew that Calvin was going to come home to Heaven that night.

All things are not good things but He causes them all to work for our good anyway if we love Him and have committed our lives to Him. (Romans 8:28) This side of eternity, we will never understand God’s ways. We just have to learn to trust His wisdom and His Word.
Will you trust His timing today?

Will you yield to His sovereignty, especially when you do not understand it? He can bring peace in the midst of your storm.


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