He will keep in perfect peace all those who trust in Him, whose thoughts turn often to the Lord. Isaiah 26:3

Perfect Peace…that is something that everyone in the world would like to have! When we look at this verse, this amazing promise holds many components. God is the One Who does it. Not He “might” or He “could” but He will keep us in perfect peace. It doesn’t have to be temporary or transitional…He will keep us…constantly and consistently. The peace is just like everything else God does…it is perfect. It is complete and exactly what we need. However, it is a conditional promise. In order for Him to keep us in perfect peace, we must “trust in Him.” That means we must act on our belief in Him. We must place our confidence in Him alone. We also have to consciously turn our thoughts often to the Lord. When was the last time that you were in turmoil? In what or Whom were you trusting? How frequently were you turning to the source of your confidence? If I think back to anxious times, I must admit that those are the times that I was either trying to handle things myself or I was relying on someone or something else to solve my problems. Why do we do that? We know better. We know deep within our souls that only God is the source of the peace that we need and only He can supply it consistently and exactly like we need it. Why do we tend to turn to Him last instead of first? Lord, help us to trust you…to confidently act on our faith in you and help us to constantly seek you so that you can keep us in Your “perfect peace.” There’s no safer place to be!


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