For He satisfies the thirsty and fills the hungry soul with good. Psalm 107:9

Satisfaction. It is something that we seek and so rarely find. The world tells us that satisfaction is found in things that we own…where we live…what we drive…what we wear. Or sometimes people tell us that satisfaction is found in relationships or in our appearance or our careers. But as we grow more mature, we realize that only God can satisfy! We have a God-shaped hole that only God can fill with Himself. Notice the conditions of this verse though… “He satisfies the thirsty and fills the hungry soul with good.” I must be thirsty and hungry…for Him. What are you thirsty for? What do you hunger for? Are you thirsty for whatever God has for you, or do you hunger for your own plans? Are you willing to hunger after God and trust Him to fill your life with His good things for you, or do you want to hand God your wish list and ask Him to be like Santa Claus and bring you only the things on your list? Are you willing to trust Him through personal illness or the death of a loved one? Will you come to God hungry & let Him satisfy you as only He can? God longs to fill your soul with good. Will you let Him fill you today?


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