I sought the Lord and He answered me and delivered me from all my fears. Psalm 34:4

Why do we try everything and everyone else before turning to God? Why would we choose to go to someone or something else that does not even begin to have the power or ability that the Maker of the universe possesses? It is amazing to me how I can see clearly in situations where others need to seek God first, but when faced with my own crises or just the daily decisions of life, I often tend to ask the opinion of others or read what the “experts” have to say before turning to God to ask Him what I should do. When I read what the world has to offer or ask other people their opinions, it seems to feed fear and anxiety. Either they don’t know what advice to give OR the situations that the experts are referring to did not end well at all, and instead of bringing comfort and hope, we can feel panic welling up inside us.

That panic feeling tends to be a red flag to remind us that we have no need to fear or worry because we know the Blessed Controller of all things. We then remember to turn where we should have looked in the first place…to our Heavenly Father. God waits for us to make the decision to turn to Him. He doesn’t force us to seek Him but He is easily found when we do.

Sometimes we take for granted that we serve a God Who answers us when we pray. Wow! We should be in awe that God even listens to our requests, much less than He answers them! He delivers us from all our fears. That is quite a promise. Deliverance and rescue are so readily available but the key is in that first phrase…”I sought the Lord.”

Are you seeking Him today? If not, what are you waiting for? He is right there, ready to be found as soon as you make the right choice to seek Him.


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